Tweets & Time Management

This week I took part in Hack Library School’s Day in the Life project by tweeting my activities as an MLIS student in UCD. Follow the hash tag #HLSDITL to see the varied and interesting updates from LIS students all over the world. It was great to see how my course compares with others – and to see that most other students appear to be as busy as we are here in Dublin! With such diverse, enthusiastic and committed advocates emerging into the library world it is difficult to imagine anything other than a bright future for information management.

I think that this week was quite reflective of how most have been so far for me as an MLIS student. Some weeks there is greater pressure of assignments, and other weeks there is more opportunity for reflection and discussion with my classmates, but I am always busy. I think that for anyone who might be considering a Library and Information Science qualification this project will be a useful insight into the work involved and may give an indication as to the areas you could specialise in.

View the story “My Hack Library School Day in the Life” on Storify

In addition to contributing to a great project, regular tweeting of my activities has also really helped me to focus on the work I am doing. I remember there being a talk on time-management at work once, and one of the key pieces of advice given was to make a note of what you are doing every thirty minutes. This is supposed to help you record exactly how you use your time and highlight when you have wasted time. Depending on the type of work you do, I think you could vary the intervals, an hour has suited me best when I try to this whilst studying. I am out of practice with this technique and the tweets this week have reminded me of just how useful it is to monitor your own productivity (not that it always needs to be public)!


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