Is there anybody out there?

Hey, my last post was Sept 7th, where did the last two months go? Well, I moved house, moved locations with my job, pursued some pretty exciting career changing avenues, and caught up on the last three seasons of Doctor Who! And today I find myself sitting down with a coffee, home alone, and itching to write a blog.

It’s a strange thing, this effort to keep a blog to reflect on professional development and related issues. The last two months have certainly not been empty of events that warrant reflection, but have I failed to get the most out of them or let myself down by not logging my thoughts here? I have also been busily reading articles highlighted by those I follow on Twitter and sometimes throwing in a 140 character thought. Afterwards I ponder on the points raised and paragraphs of would-be blog posts get tapped out inside my head. So if I am busy reflecting in my own way, what is the point in posting a public blog?

The thing is, that although I primarily keep this blog for myself and don’t expect many to read it, the reason that it is public is to push myself a little bit and to hopefully engage with other information professionals. Reading something like Sarah’s post about seeking balance, was really helpful to me, not because it was teaching me something new, but because I could 100% relate to that feeling of being a little lost after completing the MLIS. There are probably a lot of us newly qualified Info Pros who are feeling the same after such an intense year, but without the opportunity to meet at lectures, or the requirement to get involved in discussions, there are less opportunities to share these common thoughts. I have found myself trying to think of something exciting to blog about, just to spark a bit of debate and to test if anyone is reading, but then I thought, what do I like reading from others? I want to hear about how everyone else is dealing with everyday situations. Are you depressed or excited by jobs advertised, how frustrating have you found application forms, are you struggling with a new commute or colleagues??! I know that lots of our class have exciting internships and jobs and I would love to hear more about a “day in the life” of these roles! But what is the motivation to write if you don’t think anyone is out there reading or responding?

With no deadlines and a dubious audience, posting regular blogs can sometimes seem a bit meaningless, but in this post-Masters void it seems like a good place to start with maintaining and updating the community formed through the MLIS and with the wider professional network. For our knowledge to continue to grow and develop we need an increased flow of ideas, and just knowing where everyone is coming from and sharing our experiences might be really helpful in getting where we want to go.

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