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Unreliable sauces

I’m trying to focus on some off-line work at the moment, but it’s December, silly season is kicking in, and I keep getting lost down webby paths. Therefore, I just had to share this lovely cartoon by Gemma Correll. Listen to

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Iceland, libraries, and reducing our gender gap

The World Gender Gap index for 2013  recently named Iceland as the country with the most narrow gap. Ireland does not fall too far behind, ranking 6th in the world, 12 places ahead of our neighbours in the UK. The

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Wowed at the People’s Stage, Web Summit

Those of you regularly read my blog will know that I am not particularly confident with public speaking, but that I try to overcome my fears and do it anyway. They say it gets easier with time and practice. If

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Notes from “Camara: Education is broken; it’s technology to blame” at Web Summit

Very brief notes from talk by John Fitzsimons of Camara Education. Knowledge based education is no longer fit for purpose. We can get the answers in seconds thanks to technology – shouldn’t learn by heart anymore Frustration of students –

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A day in the life: Assistant Librarian

Maybe it’s just me, but I always love to read “Day-in-the-life” stories from people, no matter what field they work in. Some are obviously far more exciting than others, but we can’t all video blog about brushing our teeth in space

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Academic Writing Workshop

Today I attended the Academic Writing Workshop given by Helen Fallon and organised by the Library Association of Ireland’s Career Development Group. I would say that the three most important points that I took from today’s workshop were: 1. How

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Using Google forms for CPD and more

Have you used Google Forms yet? Are you like I was a couple of months ago: hearing about them everywhere and intending to take a closer look? Google Forms are a quick and easy way to create a very basic

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