Notes from “Camara: Education is broken; it’s technology to blame” at Web Summit

John Fitzsimons, Camara Education, on the Library Stage, Web Summit 2014

John Fitzsimons, Camara Education, on the Library Stage, Web Summit 2014

Very brief notes from talk by John Fitzsimons of Camara Education.

Knowledge based education is no longer fit for purpose.
We can get the answers in seconds thanks to technology – shouldn’t learn by heart anymore
Frustration of students – and teachers!
Teachers are heavily depended on and expected to do everything.
What employers need – skills!
Challenges in Developed world. Huge amount added in Developing countries of course. Deprived of resources and limited access to education.
Kenya – absenteeism is a big problem – teachers are underpaid.

MDG2, universal primary education. Access to edu is much improved, but quality hasn’t kept up, leading to cramped classrooms and under resourced schools.

Solution? In developed world, technology can change a lot – it has “broken” the education system but it is also the solution. Girls in Kenya protested in order to get access to information technology. Sponsored walk turned into a political protest.

Kids love technology, excited by New developments – engage with it. Love to work together too. Opportunities for education outside of school is boundless.

Problems of ITC in school?
Lessons learnt by Camera –
Staged introduction – don’t overload!
1st – digital literacy.
Definite outcomes, not tech for tech sake.
Training teachers is number 1 most important thing for success of tech in education.
Support  for infrastructure.
Confidence needed in the ability of the tech.

Provide tech support
Wikipedia for education
Train teachers
Recycle technology

Aid has done huge amount of damage in developing countries.
Social Enterprise model – schools pay a fee for Camara services, not taken for granted, and lays some level of expectation on Camara to maintain support levels.

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