Wowed at the People’s Stage, Web Summit

Those of you regularly read my blog will know that I am not particularly confident with public speaking, but that I try to overcome my fears and Tom McCarthy holding some of the equipment needed to build a nuclear fusion devicedo it anyway. They say it gets easier with time and practice. If that is true, then Tom McCarthy will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. Not only is this 14 year old from Co. Mayo a maths and physics genius, he also managed to deliver a clear and powerful talk on why he is dedicated to building a nuclear fusion device, and why he is looking for people to invest in his project.

In short, this safe nuclear device, a Fusor, could be the answer to our energy shortages, and is apparently completely safe. The science of a project like this is beyond me, but the hope that it offers in the face of fuel shortages and climate change is encouraging. If you have an interest in the project or just want to be amazed by what a second year student with internet access can achieve, visit Tom’s website and take a look at his progress.

Irish student (14) building a nuclear fusion reactor in his back garden

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