Top Five Finds on Twitter 16 – 23 Jan 2015

I have 2,673 favourites on Twitter. I mainly favourite something when it looks like an interesting link but I don’t have time there and then to pursue it, or someone has made an interesting point I want to return to. Of course I do sometimes also use it the same way as the old “thumbs-up” on Facebook: “good point”; “funny remark”; “well-done-you”, but in general, I try to stick to using it as a personal filing system. There are weeks when I go back and follow up on these gems, but more often than not, even the favourited tweets get lost in the abyss.

This week, I have decided to look back over what I have favourited and document some of the best reads here in an attempt to keep on top of this endless link favouring and following.

Link to tweet with Open Access report

Link to tweet with critical connections reading

Tweet with link to International Librarians Network Day in Malawi

Tweet with link to Open Educational Resources article

How to Manage a Research Library with Zotero

This is a taster of why Twitter is such an important part of my CPD and is the basis of my learning network. At this stage in my career my interests are still broad so the links I file can be quite varied. I try to narrow down the number of people I follow, but this is hard as I would hate to miss out on any exciting developments in librarianship, even if not directly related to work I am currently doing.

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