LAICDG Library Camp 2016

Library Camp was as excellent as ever. Although often held on a sunny Saturday in May, I never regret going. In addition to learning a great deal about the everyday challenges in libraries in an open and honest environment, it was also a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow librarians.  I have met some brilliant librarians at library camp over the years, and it is always nice to see those friendly faces when you end up at the same, more formal conference together.

Although informal, it is very much bursting with professionalism.
I saw a Steve Jobs quote in the window of an Apple Store in Manchester the other day: “Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom – they happen in corridors”. This came back to me when I was reflecting on yesterday’s event. Library camp is like the corridor between our various walks of librarianship. It attracts a great cross -section of librarians, and in this more relaxed environment, creativity flows.

For any more established librarians who haven’t made it to Library Camp yet, I urge you to get along next year.

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