On not blogging June.

This week I have been furiously trying to tie up loose ends at work as I face into a considerable stretch away from the office. My mind has been wandering to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I will travel next week to attend the NASIG annual conference. In the little corner of headspace remaining, there was been the hum of excitement and anticipation about one of my oldest friends coming to visit from New Zealand. There hasn’t been room to prepare for the 10K race I am running on Monday, remember to call family, or look too closely at potentially interesting job vacancies.

I noticed a few tweets about #BlogJune coming up. I briefly considered it. Of all Junes this one has the potential to be challenging, rewarding and interesting to reflect on consistently. However I am trying to reduce the number of things I commit to and then fail to complete. Enthusiasm has a terrible habit of getting in the way of realism. 

Instead of committing to blog daily, I am committing to focus on the moment. My body and my mind are rearing their angry voices and telling me I need a break. Although the majority of this break will be work related and for my professional development, I will keep to the moment, savouring the hard work that has preceded this, and that has resulted in the trip, and the other good good things I have worked for. I will inevitably have a lot to reflect on and blog about from the NASIG conference, but that will have to be spontaneous and not like a stone around my neck. Twitter will always win for spontaneity, but I will try to introduce more of that into my blogging, parking the perfectionism for when it really matters.

Maybe if I convince myself #iamnotbloggingjune, I will write a little bit more, free of pressure.

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