Rudaí 23 – Thing 2: Reawakening the blog

I will start as I mean to go on – by taking shortcuts! For Thing 1 of Rudaí 23 (The Irish 23 Things from the wonderful WRSLAI), we were required to set up a blogging site. As I already have both WordPress and Tumblr set up, I decided to continue using this WordPress site for the purposes of the course. I have never stuck to the habit of regular blogging for long, but this has become a nice portfolio of CPD activities and occasional reflections. Although I would love to try out Medium, or even explore Tumblr a bit more, I think as I get further into the 23 Things and the challenges they bring, the comfort of WordPress will be welcome. So, no new platform for me, just an existing blog, and I’m sure it won’t be the last shortcut. Let’s call it being resourceful. I have used the WordPress app on my phone and Kindle fire, which makes typing out a draft on the bus or train easy, and a good use of time. Over the years, there have been some slight changes to the media library, or enhancements such as embedding tweets. These have been simple enough changes to adapt to, and the nuts and bolts remain the same.

As I mentioned, making blogging a regular habit has not been a success for me in the past, so I am looking forward to having the opportunity to reflect on the Rudaí 23 course, its highs and lows, and striving for the digital badges. For me, I think the idea of having to get very in depth into a topic, or risking leaving something important out of an argument, puts me off hitting the ‘Publish’ button. Although the wise Martin advises revising and checking your post before publishing it, I think a quick and honest reflection still holds an important place in the blogosphere. So, without further ado, I need to push this little post out of the holding area. 

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2 comments on “Rudaí 23 – Thing 2: Reawakening the blog
  1. Stephaanie says:

    Welcome to Rudai 23. Delighted to be your moderator. Great that you’ve already started to write reflectively, that’ll help you down the line with thing 6 and earning your badge. Looking forward to reading the rest.

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