Rudaí 23 – Thing 4: Communicating Visually

In an attempt to get on top of things I am “live-blogging” my progress with Thing 4. I have used PhotoFunia a bit in the past, so am going to try Quik now. First hurdle: I don’t have enough room on my phone to download Quik and have been presented with a list of bulky and unused apps to remove before I can continue. RunKeeper and PhotoFunia are amongst those in the cull …farewell good intentions and back-ups… So now I’m waiting for Quik to download.

Selecting photos was fairly straightforward. I see you can login and choose photos from Google Photos, this is something I’d like to try out in the future. Have successfully added a title to the video. In an attempt to centre the text on the first image, I have created an additional title slide and can’t change it back to being a caption. I deleted that slide and started again. I don’t think you can centre the text in the photo captions. I like that the amount of text you can add is not too restrictive. I haven’t been cut off yet. I have also found that you can change the focus of the slide – in my case I wanted it to land further down in an image. Those wordy slides can also have their duration lengthened.

I take back everything I said about aligning the text! I exited the “edit” section and discovered the themes (did I only skim through the instructions I hear you ask! Well…). Experimenting with the themes has vastly improved the finished product! I will definitely be using this app again – I just need to figure out how to accommodate it in my space-pressed phone.

There are a few bells and whistles you can add in PowerPoint to create videos like this, but having this on the go in a mobile app, with a lot of the heavy lifting already done, is very convenient.

See my Quik video here:

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One comment on “Rudaí 23 – Thing 4: Communicating Visually
  1. Stephaanie says:

    I hear you about phone space. I’m full up and trying to cull family photos, so i just take one more!

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