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LAICDG Library Camp 2016

Library Camp was as excellent as ever. Although often held on a sunny Saturday in May, I never regret going. In addition to learning a great deal about the everyday challenges in libraries in an open and honest environment, it

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Negotiation – not as alien as you might think

This post was prompted by an observation at last month’s UKSG Conference session, Meet the New Professionals (It has been languishing in Drafts for a while). After each speaker gave their informative and encouraging presentations, there was some discussion between

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Unreliable sauces

I’m trying to focus on some off-line work at the moment, but it’s December, silly season is kicking in, and I keep getting lost down webby paths. Therefore, I just had to share this lovely cartoon by Gemma Correll. Listen to

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Who should lead Knowledge Management initiatives?

As with many roles that those with LIS qualifications find themselves in, Knowledge Management is not something that you can say you work in and not expect a couple of follow up questions. Unfortunately I still find myself getting tongue

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New Professionals Day 2014

On Saturday I attended the second New Professionals Day to be held in Ireland, this year hosted in the beautiful settings of NUI Maynooth. This is the core annual event of the NPDI team, featuring more interactive workshop style activities

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In absentia

Although not able to attend, I was able to take a cheeky peek over the walls into the A&SL Annual Conference today, all thanks to Twitter. I wanted to write a very short blog post about my experience of following

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Is there anybody out there?

Hey, my last post was Sept 7th, where did the last two months go? Well, I moved house, moved locations with my job, pursued some pretty exciting career changing avenues, and caught up on the last three seasons of Doctor

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