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NASIG: Open Access in the World of Scholarly Journals: Creation and Discovery

This conference session report was written for the September 2016 NASIG newsletter.  This excellent presentation by Sandra Cowan (University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada) and Chris Bulock (California State University Northridge) brought together issues faced when advocating for the creation of Open

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Can transparency in publishing costs clear the way for open scholarly communications?

As part of my application for the John Merriman Award I responded to the question “What is the biggest challenge facing you in your current job and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?” In July, I expanded on

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UKSG Conference 2016

This is a brief reflection of the themes and key lessons I took away from the UKSG Annual Conference and Exhibition. I was the recipient of the John Merriman Award, for which I am very grateful to UKSG, and the

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Top Five Finds on Twitter 16 – 23 Jan 2015

I have 2,673 favourites on Twitter. I mainly favourite something when it looks like an interesting link but I don’t have time there and then to pursue it, or someone has made an interesting point I want to return to.

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Library Camp: Copyright & Librarians

On Saturday (28th June 2014) I attended Ireland’s second Library Camp, organised by the LAI Career Development Group and Academic and Special Libraries section. So what is Library Camp? For me, it is definitely becoming one of the highlights of the

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